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Nothing like a great beer!

Refine your taste using our Beer Zap Quiz. Pick the beer your tasting, estimate it's color, hoppyness, bitterness,and alcohol content. See your results. Enjoy and get better at judging beer and become a BeerZap meister in your area!

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The craft brew movement is strong. From nano brewers to large brewpubs, they are poping up everywhere. You want to be part of it and enjoy the new tastes, communities, and happenings in your area. Good music, good beer, good friends. BeerZap is your CONNECTOR to keep you in the loop. No matter where you are - "live, love and lift a glass to life"

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Be informed about beer events in your area. Get private invites to BeerZap Events. Join "BeerZaps" brewery flash crowd launches of new beer. Get the recognition and reward you deserve